Argentine Tango is a dance of improvisation between a lead and a follow. There is no basic set pattern - only a set of guidelines setting it apart from other dances.

About Tango Moderna

Tango Dance Instructor Dan Falk

Dan Falk is the principal instructor. Indicative of his passion for this dance, he lived in Buenos Aries, the world's premier home for Argentine Tango, and studied and trained intensively for six months under numerous masters and with many of the country's top performers.

Dan trained for eight years in martial arts and has been involved in other Latin dances. His strong technical background and understanding of human kinetics allows him to present otherwise difficult material in a simple, easy-to-digest way. Argentine Tango's dramatic style, the silent communication between the lead and follow, and endless freedom of and challenge from the dance's improvisation keep him captivated.

He has been teaching Argentine Tango since 2006 and now calls Vancouver home.


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